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Dropping old idishh like its new

So in about a week or so we will be releasing a video that I concepted back in the summer of 2012, shot that fall but due to some contractual issues couldn’t be completed and released until now. It was interesting to watch as time passed how certain image styling I thought were very progressive at their inception got used by some of the more “progressive” thinkers in the industry — and by some I mean Kanye West and Donda. It really made me think that we all must be pulling from similar wells of inspiration and watching the same cultural trends, choosing to divert in similar ways.  They couldn’t have stolen my idea because I never released it. I will admit that I do get disappointing when this happens though because now I fear that I’ll like like a copy cat in stead of a pioneer but the early bird gets the worm. Then I think about how long have these guys been sitting on their ideas before releasing them? Mad Black Men is an Idea I had in 2011 and its just now about to drop in 2014. Time of Our Lives is just getting off the ground and that’s been in the works for a while and all the music is practically finished? How far ahead of the culture should I be thinking in order to strike a chord that resignations. Should I be concerned with timeliness or remain focused on making things that are timeless?


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