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Old Hobbies?

Everyone needs an escape from their work every now and then. I know that I love to get away from the tedious rotoscoping and editing every once and a while but I’m terrible with being idol. The only thing I can sit still for is a movie and I can only watch so many flicks in a week before I start feeling too unproductive. So I’ve decided to restart an old hobby of mines that I haven’t done in over 8 years. Wow… that makes me feel old. I’m bout to make some BEATS! lol Just for fun. I think I’ll work on a beat for an hour or so a day over the next week. Just to let my mind wonder off into another realm of creativity.

I started this one today. I don’t know if you could even call this a skeleton yet. Decided I’d test my Chops on this sample I found diggin through the interwebs.

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